Calcutta – the ‘aging diva’

My favorite definition of Calcutta remains these following lines written by a New York Times journalist : “History is inscribed on every lane, like tattoos on an aging diva. Calcutta was once quite a diva.”

Calcutta has aged, albeit gracefully. Time stands still here and yet there is a constant deafening bustle that contradicts life in slow motion. Calcutta is a republic of her own. The aging diva who continues to live on her own terms.

Man on a cycle at dusk in monsoon. 2009

Men take a holy dip in the Ganges. The holy river has been used and abused, and yet it continues to be ‘holy’.

Meat Market. 2009

Workers wait outside in the early morning chill waiting to get briefed for the day. 2009

Mobile shop. 2009

China Town. Selling dimsums at the roadside early morning market. 2009

Unemployment is a common feature in the streets of Calcutta. Ironically the ruling party’s logo looms large in the background.

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